Have you been struggling with your weight?

Do you want to change your health outlook and decrease your potential for high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, or other weight and nutritional related illnesses?

Are you thinking about starting an exercise regiment, and not sure where to begin, or what exercises to incorporate?

Have you been thinking about entering a decathlon, Tough Mudder, Spartan race, or some other obstacle course event?

Do you want to step-up your body building work-out, and increase your muscle mass?

Why donít you let me help you?

My name is Martin, and Iíd like to welcome you to I am a wellness consultant and certified personal trainer. is dedicated to providing information that will help you achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals whether you need a personally designed exercise program, a you-focused nutritious menu, or some fun healthy snacks- Iíve got you covered!

Here you will find a variety of exercise options all scientifically proven to be effective. Iím sure one them will be just right for you whether you are new to working out, or a seasoned athlete or bodybuilder. Iíve posted some downloadable menus for you to try, as well as one of my favorite healthy (no bake) snack recipes to help you boost your energy and maintain or regain a healthy weight! Iíve also included a shameless plug for my favorite KOSHER Certified supplement which I use daily, and a link telling you all about the entire product line.

5 Ways you can Increase your Commitment and Improve your Health and Physical Fitness:
Several years ago, I made the decision to leave corporate America behind, and devote my time to perfecting various workout programs, developing nutritious menus, and creating fun and healthy snacks all because I wanted to help others successfully achieve mental and physical well-being. As a former CEO, I understand planning, development, and execution, but I realize that without the elements of FUN, support, and a noticeable change for all your efforts, you may have difficulty sticking to the exercise and eating goals you set for yourself.
Let me help you.

You will find a few of my favorite workout videos, opportunities for a private workout consultation, physical assessment, personal training sessions, group workouts ranging from beginner to specialized events, like decathlons, the Tough Mudder, Spartan races, and employee wellness programs guaranteed to cut down on absenteeism, presenteeism, and psychosomatic illnesses. Call me or send me an email, and let's talk about your fitness goals at no charge.

Martin Hull
Health Consultant

1. Create a regular workout schedule and stick to it!
Whether you decide to workout early in the morning or in the evenings after work, the important thing is to be consistent. Consistency establishes a rhythm that will prepare you mentally and physically to get the most out of your investment. Plan your workouts and include a variety of exercises.

2. Join a group:
Whether you want to go full-out body building, or whether you want to do some Yoga or Zumba, studies show that joining a group of like-minded people keep you motivated and provide a support structure that will help you stick to your new training regimen.

3. Workout at work!
Sitting at a desk all day can lead to obesity, poor posture, poor circulation, and chronic back pain. If your place of employment doesnít have a designated exercise facility, improvise! Take short breaks. Go for a walk, climb some stairs, do a few stretching exercise, and have a healthy energy boosting snack. Encourage your colleagues to join you for a lunchtime walk. Be creative and suggest walking meetings.

4. Donít diet!!!
Dieting makes you feel deprived physically and psychologically. Instead, commit to eating healthier. Plan meals and snacks that include healthy elements. You may consider substituting bad fats for healthy fats, artificial sweeteners for raw sugar, and vending machine munchies for brain boosting, high energy snacks you make yourself. Incorporate supplements that fill you up, provide vitamins and minerals, and will eliminate the need for junk foods as a quick pick-me-up.

5. Invest in a Personal Trainer:
Research has determined that 73% of people who invest in a personal trainer meet their fitness goals. A personal trainer provides motivation, and encourages you to push yourself harder and farther than you would when exercising alone. A personal trainer can design a workout program that incorporates a variety of exercises that will diminish the plateau effect, create a customized menu including healthy snacks, and perform the physical analytics that show you how your body is responding to your efforts.

If youíre serious about making a lasting change in your health, and your body;

If youíre serious about feeling better and looking better;

If you want to get most out of your investment of time, energy, and commitment, then you need to invest in a personal trainer.
As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert, I know how to create an effective and diverse workout program just for you! I can assess your muscular flexibility and administer performance tests that will prevent unnecessary injuries, and provide you with a customized comprehensive fitness program.

Your investment in a Certified Personal Trainer is an investment in the knowledge of proper nutrition, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, Cancer risk management, and stress management. More importantly, an investment in a personal trainer- your own personal trainer, is an investment in your success.

When you have a personal trainer, you have a cheerleader, coach, partner, and fan club! Instead of the hit or miss exercise and eating habits adopted by most people with good intentions, you have a guarantee of success. A personal trainer will hold you accountable, show you how to measure your success, and have expectations of you becoming more and more successful as you progress towards your fitness end-goals. A personal trainer will tell you the truth!!! and not let you invest in exercises or diets that will waste your time, or be nonproductive.

You donít have to make your fitness journey alone!

I am presenting you with an opportunity to invest in someone who is willing to invest in you. I will go with you on every step of your fitness journey. I will encourage you, cheer for you, hold you accountable, push you harder (and harder because I know what you can become), and believe in you. I will work with you until you reach your desired fitness goalsÖ I promise.

Donít waste your time thinking and not doing; making empty resolutions that will never come to fruition, or envying others because you want their body or stamina! Right now, inside of you, is the best body of your life! Inside of you is a well of energy just looking for a way to burst forward, right now there is a body-conscious dress, pair of skinny jeans, custom tailored business suit, bathing suit, or pair of shorts just waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered by you!

Let me help you make your health and fitness dreams a reality. Just one phone call can make the difference, and start you on a journey of health and wellness success. I would love the opportunity to hear from you about your fitness desires, and to share with you ways that I can help you reach your goals.
Let's get started today! I may be reached by email at, or by telephone at 267- 745-3626.

My fitness programs are custom designed to accommodates individuals, couples, or groups. For more information, call or email.

To learn more about my customized fitness programs, click here: Building a Custom Fitness Program

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