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My name is Martin, and I want to thank you for visiting

I welcome this opportunity to share with you why I became a personal trainer, Wellness Consultant & what that could mean for YOU!

I decided to become a Wellness Consultant and personal trainer because I want to help you live 1 healthy Life style. Truthfully, I've always been interested in making a profound deference in lives I touch each day. As a matter of fact, I left Corporate America to devote myself full-time to helping people achieve their mental and physical fitness. As a former CEO, I understand planning, development, and execution. I can help you meet your goals with just a little time and information.

There is information here on scientifically proven fitness programs that with assist the "Beginner" to "Advanced", suggested meals & snacks to help you boost your energy and maintain or regain a healthy weight, a shameless plug for my favorite KOSHER Certified supplement which I use myself.

There are opportunities to used in groups settings particularly to businesses to develop an employee wellness program. According to national statistics, employee health issues costs businesses thousands annually. Let me show you how to decrease absenteeism for an investment of pennies on the dollar.

Thanks again for visiting where the focus is always on "Making Your Body A Better Place To Live!"

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